L’Elicoidale s.n.c.
Mezzane di Sotto, Verona (Italy), Via Don Mazza 18
Tel.: +39 045 7808316 - Fax: +39 045 9787686
E-mail: info@lelicoidale.eu

L’Elicoidale: Scale Elicoidali

Our company is specialized in the construction and assemblage of reinforced concrete helicoidal stairs, only using a handwork. It realizes a single product for structural and architectural features.
It works in all the national territory, planning, since the estimate, the production and the time of delivery on the stock, respecting the fixed terms. We also offer different solutions and particular realizations of stairs non-helicoidal, according to the requests of the customer.
The company provides all the useful accessories, such as covering, finishing touches and banisters, to complete the work.
The helicoidal stair is a practical system, patented in Europe, characterized by the absence of a pile, which we find, instead, in all the circular stairs, called spiral staircases.

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"L'Elicoidale" snc was created on 13th January 1998 thanks to the idea of two promoting partners, Zandonà Renzo and Bicego Domenico, of realize a typology of reinforced concrete prefabricated helicoidal stairs, unique and innovative in their sector.
Afterwards, we have a development of the structure of the company but also of the organization: models of reinforced concrete prefabricated helicoidal stairs, patented in the national and European territory, more and more innovative for convenience, for functionality and for their higher aesthetic aspect.
Thanks to the constant dedication of the owners, the aim is to found the work on a craftmade typology, only making use of a highly qualified staff able to do quickly and precisely each work.
Moreover, with a right organization, we can offer the single supplying or all the laying all over the national and European territory, using our means to realize proudly our product.

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