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L’Elicoidale: Scale Elicoidali

ferroconcrete helicoidal stair
ferroconcrete helicoidal stairs
helicoidal supporting stair
  • Phase 1

    Construction in store of
    the prefabricated step.

  • Phase 2

    Anchorage and laying of the
    helicoidal supporting stair.

  • Phase 3

    Fixing of ferroconcrete helicoidal
    prefabricated steps

  • Phase 4

    After the unloading to the prearranged floor,
    construction of the landing of discharge,
    extending the last helicoidal step.

  • Phase 5

    Putty and draft of the fine mortar in
    the complete ferroconcrete helicoidal stair,
    to provide a "rough" assembled work.