L’Elicoidale s.n.c.
Mezzane di Sotto, Verona (Italy), Via Don Mazza 18
Tel.: +39 045 7808316 - Fax: +39 045 9787686
E-mail: info@lelicoidale.eu

L’Elicoidale: Scale Elicoidali

personalized design
personalized stairs
Banisters and finishing touches
  • Inspection and estimate

    Our working standard always expects to provide quickly a complete, exhaustive and specific estimate, a free inspection if necessary.
  • Solutions to solve problems of space

    After an inspection on the stock, we are able, thanks to our experience in the sector, to assure the best solutions of laying.
  • Planning and realization of stairs, based on a personalized design

    If possible, we are able to realize stairs in c.a. during the working process, following the most varied personalization.
  • Banisters and finishing touches

    Our stairs can be completed with banisters of our production, personalized by Yourselves; there is also the possibility to make finishing touches, according to Your personal taste.
  • Covering of steps

    Whether the internal stairs or the external ones can be covered with suitable coverings: practically, all materials that in modern building can be sticked.
  • Craftmade work

    We base all the work, from the realization of the helicoidal step, to our banisters, on a high handicraft typology.
  • Warranty

    Our experience, our way to mean the work, our means and our men guarantee a perfect work, following a style, which has distinguished our company in time, and providing, if necessary, all the documentation as a guarantee for our goods.