L’Elicoidale s.n.c.
Mezzane di Sotto, Verona (Italy), Via Don Mazza 18
Tel.: +39 045 7808316 - Fax: +39 045 9787686
E-mail: info@lelicoidale.eu

L’Elicoidale: Scale Elicoidali

straight stairs
non-straight stairs
italian stairs

Stairs made during the work and
other specific interventions in building field

Our activity is not only based on the production of prefabricated helicoidal stairs in c.a., but, at Your request and after an inspection of working designs, we can build also straight stairs and non-straight stairs in c.a., always during the working process.

Before the laying, we will make an inspection to organize better the intervention.

We will organize the work from the initial phase to the approach of materials and means to realize the following rough assemblage.

We would like to make it clear that we carry out the building, reconstruction, maintenance and restructuring of buildings of all sorts, whether public or private, on behalf of you or on behalf of a third party.